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Running numerous processes over multiple systems and encountering obstacles in accessing data from isolated sources

Trying to scale but lack the technology infrastructure and expertise

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How BeX AI Platform unlocks Intelligent Business Execution?

Unlock the power of integrated solutions to drive actionable insights, enhance workflows, and optimize user experiences. All done with high level of personalisation and data integrity.

BeX AI Connects to Knowledge Base

BeX AI Platform connects to various knowledge bases and reads from structured and unstructured data sources to offer insights to CRM or CMS, conduct sentiment analysis, or classify complaints.

BeX AI Connects to Engagement Channels

BeX AI Platform connects to multiple channels for agile customer engagement, simultaneously making conversations easier, clearer, and more engaging through advanced language understanding technology.

BeX AI Performs AI-enabled Business Executions

BeX AI Platform translates high-level strategic plans into action and ensures that day-to-day activities align with the overall vision of the organization.

Delivering Outcomes for your Enterprise

Explore how our BeX AI Platform can be a transformative force in your industry

Revolutionising Hotel Operations

Using Generative AI technique, the BeX AI Platform analyses hotel emails to alert the front desk of guest requests, provides feedback reports for managers, and generates personalized responses, including recommendations, discounts, and upselling.

Optimizing Training Management

BeX AI Platform supports course admins by connecting to the Training Partner Gateway, LMS, and accounting system to automate tasks such as registering trainees, generating invoices, providing insights into course performance, and automating various actions.

Processing Legal Contracts

BeX uses a document smart understanding engine to analyze contracts, providing accurate responses to user queries by extracting key information like payment terms, amendments, termination date, penalties, and other relevant details from the loaded legal contracts on the platform.

Analyzing ESG Reports

BeX AI Platform lets bank officers upload ESG reports, which are analyzed by a document understanding engine to create a searchable knowledge base. The platform can generate ESG analysis based on user queries.

Streamlining Green Loan Application

BeX makes filling out green loan application forms simple. It uses natural language generation to explain unfamiliar terminologies and offers AI-driven insights and examples, making the entire application process smoother and quicker for bank clients.

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