Redefining Hotel Operations through AI-Powered Excellence

Put AI to work, augment your team and your hotel operations with BeX

Are you Encountering any of the following Business Execution challenges within your Hotel?

Hotel staff struggling to obtain timely and updated information from other departments to proceed with task

Attempting to handle a high volume of guest inquiries and requests, and falling short in the process

Difficulty accessing and integrating siloed information from diverse sources to create meaningful and tailored experiences

Ready to give your Guests the 5-star AI Empowered Experience?

Discover How AI Can Boost Your Hotel’s Operations and Guest Experience

Business Intelligence Integration

BeX AI seamlessly integrates with your hotel booking engines and Property Management System, automating service workflows, fostering departmental synergy, and minimizing manual tasks for employees.

Conversational AI-enabled

BeX AI uses advanced NLU and LLM to understand and quickly respond to guest requests across communication channels, elevating service quality. It also provides hotel managers with actionable feedback through conversation analytics and review reports.

Personalization Engine

BeX AI elevates hotel personalization using the Context-aware Personalization and Interaction Engine (CPIE), delivering tailored responses like recommendations, special discounts, and upselling of additional services.

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