Apply AI to Redefine Legal Contracts processing

Empower your employees and enhance the efficiency of legal contract processing with CoolRIOTS BeX’s advanced AI capabilities

Are you Encountering any of the following challenges within your Business?

Inability to quickly search for and retrieve specific contract clauses or relevant information from a vast document repository

Struggling to manage a variety of contract types – such as sales contracts, vendor agreements, and employment contracts – as your business scales up

Ready to Process your Legal Contracts with Agility, Velocity and Precision?

Discover How BeX’s advanced AI Capabilities automate routine and time-consuming task in legal contract processing

Efficient Data Extraction

BeX AI employs advanced natural language processing to extract and analyze legal contracts based on users’ queries. This facilitates quick access to specific clauses, terms, or data points, presenting them alongside their respective passages in the document for easy review.

Customized Contract Filtering

BeX AI is able to filter contracts effectively based on your selection, ranging from contract payment duration, type of contract, nature of contract, and more. This enables easy access of contracts with a few clicks.

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