Transform your approach to legal intake and matter management

Are you tired of spending countless hours searching through lengthy legal documents for specific clause? Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of legal data that you need to review and analyze? Do you find it difficult to keep track of document versions, updates, and revisions during your search process?

If this are the challenge you are facing, we have a perfect solution for you. A cutting-Edge AI-Powered BeX system that is capable of streamlining your legal intake and matter management

BeX for legal

Automatically navigates through extensive collections of agreements to precisely extract key clauses, legal metrics, and relevant information, saving lawyers valuable time and effort. BeX for Legal employs state-of-the-art generative AI technology to streamline the search, analysis, and retrieval process of legal documents

How BeX works for Legal

1.Seamless Integration: Consolidate all your legal repositories and enterprise data into a centralized hub for effortless access to information.

2. Natural Language Query: Accelerate search for information by asking questions in natural language and get concise answers from your collection of agreements.

3. AI-Powered Legal Document Insights: Utilize intuitive Generative AI to speed up contract review, extract key parameters, and highlight key clauses and potential risks.

4. Improve Legal Workflow: Annotate and comment directly on uploaded documents to facilitate real-time feedback and discussion, maintaining a clear record of insights and decisions throughout the legal process.

Why BeX?

  • Effortlessly integrate with your legal repositories to transform scattered documents into a searchable library of your organization’s trusted precedents.
  • Ensures quick and accurate access to information and facilitate tasks such as comparing key clauses, extracting legal parameters, and obtaining concise answers within context, all through simple questioning.
  • BeX leverages advanced AI algorithms to gain complete visibility over legal matters and enhance legal operations with productivity, transparency, and explainability.

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BeX Benefits all Legal and Business Professionals

Law Firms

Maximize your firm’s intellectual capital and streamline information accessibility, leading to increased team productivity.

In-House Teams

Expand your team’s capabilities by optimizing high-volume workflows and delivering unparalleled promptness with the power of generative AI.


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